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Hikelas facilities
The use of classrooms due to the busy people and urban traffic requires a lot of energy and time, which can be solved in the current era and with the use of current technologies. The online classroom teaching system, according to the needs of teachers and learners and using the latest programming technologies to increase productivity to solve this problem, has emerged for the first time in the country, which has the following facilities:
Facilities of professors platform
Screen sharing
Sharing application pages
Webcam sharing
Microphone sharing
Teaching by Whiteboard Online
Share and view audio and video files
Create and allow access to chat rooms
Create and allow access to chat rooms
Share required files during teaching
Possibility of expulsion or the presence of several learners
Learners system facilities
View master screen
View the software page taught by the teacher
View the professor image online
Private conversation with the teacher if the teacher allows
View whiteboards online to facilitate learning
View tutorial videos
Ability to talk to the class group
Send a message to the class messenger room
Download booklets and other files needed in the lesson
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