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The use of classrooms due to the busy people and urban traffic requires a lot of energy and time, which can be solved in the current era and with the use of current technologies. "High class" online teaching system according to the needs of professors and learners and using the latest programming technologies to increase productivity to solve this problem for the first time in the country and as the first online live learning system Dynamic as well as the default offline system to provide educational services and increase educational productivity, make every effort to maximize the virtual classroom with the real educational class.

Software specifications of online education system

"Hikelas" online education system is the only system in the country for online teaching without the need to install software on a personal computer, which is completely native and has a complete and advanced hardware infrastructure to better serve professors and learners in order to Achieving your educational goals. Due to the completely indigenous programming platform, this system can be upgraded and flexible as much as possible according to the interests and opinions of university and educational centers, online education institutions and research centers to meet the needs of professors under the supervision of these centers.

Software features available in the professors system

- Screen sharing
- Selectively share application pages
- Webcam sharing
- Microphone sharing
- Teaching by Online Whiteboard
- Share and view audio and video files
- Create and allow access to chat rooms
- Create and allow access to the messenger room
- Share required files during teaching
- Possibility of expulsion / presence of learners
Due to the fact that this system is under the web and without the need for any practical knowledge of working with the operating system and also without the need for any software download and installation, has made learners with any level of education and training, easily use the facilities of this system.
For a detailed review of the facilities of the professors' system, refer to the site entry section at www.hikelas.com/login.aspx address

Learning system software features

- View master screen
- View the software page taught by the teacher
- View the master image online
- Private conversation with the teacher if the teacher allows
- View whiteboards online to facilitate learning
- Watch tutorial videos
- Ability to talk to the class group
- Send a message to the class messenger room
- Download booklets and other files required in the lesson
For a detailed review of the facilities of the learner's system, refer to the site entry section at www.hikelas.com/login.aspx address

Background software profile of online education system

Online classroom education system by using multiple programming languages ​​and combining these languages ​​with each other has been able to provide a secure and reliable environment for secure education and by creating and encrypting information between professors and learners (SSL Information Security Protocol) And the cloud server has caused any information outflow and misuse to reach zero. With this description, the country's academic and educational institutions can benefit from this system with ease and without any worries about the possible use of their educational resources. . This system has been developed by ASP.net, node.js, VB, JavaScript, CSS and SQL SERVER data server programming languages.
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